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Mid-America College of Health Sciences

Comprehensive Programs

The range of programs we offer at Mid-America College of Health Sciences span the gamut from pre-nursing to nursing and continuing education. This means that you can start and conclude all the training you need that can get you that dream job in the healthcare industry.

Expert Instructors

Our instructors are some of the best you'll find anywhere, and with decades of experience both working in the healthcare industry and teaching, you can be sure they know exactly what you need to learn, within the confines of appropriate regulations and guidelines.

Clinicals & Externships

Clinicals and externships are an integral part of some programs. They are opportunities for students to study in the real world, in a real patientcare or hospital taking care of real patients.

Job Prospects

Our graduates have been successful in getting hired out of the gate by employers we invite to meet with them just before they conclude their studies and at clinical and externship sites.

Programs That Fit Your Schedule

Flexible Scheduling

The availability of weekday, weekday evening, and weekend classes means you can choose a program that fits your own schedule, so you can continue working while you study.

Online Classes

While many programs are in-person only, our newly-deployed learning management system makes it possible for us to conduct hybrid and online classes for a more comprehensive learning experience.

Top-Notch Healthcare Training

Explore Our Programs

nedication aide

Medication Aide

A Medication Aide sees to it that patients in nursing facilities receive their prescribed medications as outlined by the prescribing physician and nursing facility protocols. This program gives you the training to serve in ...

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nurse aide

Nurse Aide

The Nurse Aide training program is a 90-clock-hour, comprehensive program with a flexible schedule so you can work and study at the same time. Enrollment is open to individuals ages 16 and older

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practical nurse

Practical Nurse

The Practical Nurse (PN) program is designed to prepare students to care for patients in a manner consistent with the Kansas Board of Nursing LPN scope of practice.

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Our Alumni Are Thriving...

Since its founding in 2016, Mid-America College of Health Sciences has trained thousands of students across 13 different programs and courses, including Practical Nurse, Nurse Aide, Medication Aide, Medical Assistant, and CPR and Basic Life Support.

Receiving the very best training they could ever have hoped for, almost all of the students have gone on to rewarding jobs in the healthcare industry. That has translated into performance metrics in 3 key areas (credentialing exam pass rate, job placement rate, and retention rate) that are better than state and national averages in the most recent statistical year.

This section shows the stats for graduates of our Medical Assistant program. You may view the performance metrics for other programs.

Medical Assistant Alumni

Credentialing exam pass rate
Job placement rate
Retention rate

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Alumni Testimonials

Based on 199 reviews
shrinks khatiwada
shrinks khatiwada
If you are looking for review just to make sure how this place is trust me you are at the right place . Mid america college of health sciences is best college where they teach us very well and the most unique thing is the practical we go to clinical and perform tasks which is really very beneficial for students because they will know everything that they need to before even working as a CNAs. Isn't that good? Also, our professor she is such a good teacher not just teacher she is a great human being. You wont regret learning with her . A feel happy that i was the student of mid America college of health sciences 🫶
The absolute best learning experience I have had to date.. so honored to have learned under Professor OMara..
Ella McTavish
Ella McTavish
I had a wonderful experience at Mid-America College of Health Sciences as a member of the CNA hybrid course. I was also able to become CPR/BLS certified through the school. Professor Omare is a dedicated and considerate teacher and is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the healthcare field. I enjoyed her instruction and the overall experience of learning through Mid-America.
Mad gaming
Mad gaming
One of the best decisions i have ever made, top class and quality education. Enjoyed every part of the process and found myself to be outstanding and a step ahead of the CNA game! Very recommended to anyone looking to get a CNA license while enjoying the process with guaranteed success and prosperity🤍.
Kelsey Graham
Kelsey Graham
Amazing. I love Mrs.Omare. She made the class fun and made sure we understood everything. Class was super easy and just fantastic. Front office people were super helpful and a joy to talk too. Mrs.Omare is a fantastic teacher.
Sonia Andalon
Sonia Andalon
Mrs. Omare and her staff were absolutely AMAZING. I highly recommend enrolling in her programs. They are so well equipped to give you a great education. Don’t hesitate, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. I’m so incredibly lucky to have found the CNA program here! I was set up for success through her lectures, and labs. It has been life changing. Mrs. Omare, thank you for being the best professor ever!
Cow Moo
Cow Moo
If you are combing reviews to see whether or not you should get your certification here, take this as your sign to join. This is a class for anyone regardless of the stage of life you are at. Whether you are high school age and are just beginning your foray into the healthcare field, or you have much life experience in your 60s and want a new direction, you will find your stride here. The students here come from all walks of life, and my class was VERY diverse in experiences, you will find yourself amongst comrades once you begin your journey. I took the CNA accelerated course, which seemed intimidating at first glance, but if you can afford it, is a great investment, especially with all the added equipment you receive for the course later on for lab. Honestly, I can't imagine going at any other pace. Mrs. Omare is an instructor with integrity and humor and will make sure you don't go to the floor unprepared. In fact, you might go in more prepared than the ones who are already there, but that essay would take up more than this review space can handle. There's a good reason for all the five star reviews (Believe it or not, no one is co-erced to write the glowing reviews. We just like it that much) and her staff Tecla and Ren, are very nice in helping you make sure you're ready to go. So go sign up! Even if it's not joining the CNA class, all the other programs have plenty of returners from her CNA class that can wax poetic about the stellar preparedness you will gain.