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Mid-America College of Health Sciences

Comprehensive Programs

The range of programs we offer at Mid-America College of Health Sciences span the gamut from pre-nursing to nursing and continuing education. This means that you can start and conclude all the training you need that can get you that dream job in the healthcare industry.

Expert Instructors

Our instructors are some of the best you'll find anywhere, and with decades of experience both working in the healthcare industry and teaching, you can be sure they know exactly what you need to learn, within the confines of appropriate regulations and guidelines.

Clinicals & Externships

Clinicals and externships are an integral part of some programs. They are opportunities for students to study in the real world, in a real patientcare or hospital taking care of real patients.

Job Prospects

Our graduates have been successful in getting hired out of the gate by employers we invite to meet with them just before they conclude their studies and at clinical and externship sites.

Programs That Fit Your Schedule

Flexible Scheduling

The availability of weekday, weekday evening, and weekend classes means you can choose a program that fits your own schedule, so you can continue working while you study.

Online Classes

While many programs are in-person only, a few are online. However, a new learning management system which will soon be available to our students means that your learning experience is going to get much better.

Let Us Help You...

Not sure what line of study you’ll like to enroll in, come talk to our admissions specialists and let them help point you in the right direction. You may book an appointment by calling our office at 913-708-8323 or click that button to schedule a meeting with one of our admissions specialist.

Explore Our Programs

nedication aide

Medication Aide

A Medication Aide sees to it that patients in nursing facilities receive their prescribed medications as outlined by the prescribing physician and nursing facility protocols. This program gives you the training to serve in ...

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nurse aide

Nurse Aide

The Nurse Aide training program is a 90-clock-hour, comprehensive program with a flexible schedule so you can work and study at the same time. Enrollment is open to individuals ages 16 and older

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practical nurse

Practical Nurse

The Practical Nurse (PN) program is designed to prepare students to care for patients in a manner consistent with the Kansas Board of Nursing LPN scope of practice.

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Our Graduates Are Doing very Well

Since its founding in 2016, Mid-America College of Health Sciences has trained thousands of students across 13 different programs, including Practical Nurse, Nurse Aide, Medication Assistant, Medical Assistant, and CPR and Basic Life Support.

Receiving the very best training they could ever have hoped for, almost all of the students have gone on to rewarding jobs in the healthcare industry.That has translated into performance metrics in 3 key areas (credentialing exam pass rate, job placement rate, and retention rate) that are better than state and national averages in the most recent statistical year.

This section shows the stats for graduates of our Medical Assistant program. You may view the performance metrics for other programs.

Medical Assistant Graduates

Credentialing exam pass rate
Job placement rate
Retention rate