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Student Portal


Our learning management system (LMS) is powered by Blackboard. It’s available to only our students and faculty. If you enrolled in any class, you should have already received your login credentials to our instance of Blackboard. You may click the button below to log into your MACOHS Blackboard dashboard.

Blackboard App for students

The Blackboard mobile app lets you interface with our instance of Blackboard and your Blackboard account dashboard anywhere, anytime, on your favorite mobile device – Android or Apple iOS.

Click a button below to download the mobile app for your device.

Registration Portal

Current and prospective students can use our registration portal to register for classes. That means for most classes or courses, you can kickstart and complete the registration process online, including uploading supporting documents and making payments. So to register for a course or class, click on the button to the left or below this line.

Tuition Refund and Enrollment Cancellation Policy

Mid-America College of Health Sciences reserves the right to cancel any course section in which there is an inadequate number of enrollees. Refunds are available to students who make their request in person at the administrative office. 100% refund will be given if the student meets one of the following criteria:

  • The course is canceled by Mid-America College of Health Sciences
  • The student drops on or before midnight of the first day of class


In addition to the two criteria listed for 100% refund, Mid-America College of Health Sciences shall implement the refund policy stipulated under Kansas Board of Regents K.A.R 88-28-2(a)(7) guideline stated below:

  1. All advance monies, other than an initial, nonrefundable registration fee, paid by the student before attending class shall be refunded if the student requests a refund, in writing, within three days after signing an enrollment agreement and making an initial payment.
  2. For institutions collecting a nonrefundable initial application or registration fee, the student shall be required to sign a written statement acknowledging that the initial application or registration fee is nonrefundable. This statement may be a part of the enrollment documents, as described in K.A.R.88-28-7.
  3. Each student who has completed 25 percent or less of a course and withdraws shall be eligible for a pro-rata refund. The completion percentage shall be based on the total number of calendar days in the course and the total number of calendar days completed. In determining the official termination date and percentage of each course completed, the institution may consider the week during which the student last attended to be an entire week of attendance completed. After a student has attended more than 25 percent of the course, tuition and fees shall not be refundable;
  4. All monies due to a student shall be refunded within 60 days from the last day of attendance or within 60 days from the receipt of payment if the date of receipt of payment is after the student’s last date of attendance: and
  5. For institutions with programs consisting of fewer than 100 clock-hours, refunds may be calculated on an hourly, pro rata basis.


After the commencement of classes, the refund, less the $25.00 non-refundable registration fee shall be determined as follows:

% of program attended or accessed:Tuition refund amount:
0% – 25%Total program cost divided by the number of calendar days in the course, multiplied by the number of calendar days attended or accessed by the student, subtracted from the total program cost, less the cost of textbooks and supplies.
25% or moreNot eligible for refund