2023 PN students Culture & Diversity Days

Cultural Nutrition Assignment is part of the syllabus for our Practical Nurse program’s Foundations of Nursing class. That manifests, for our Practical Nurse students, in a Culture and Diversity Day where students dress in traditional outfits and showcase foods native to their culture.

With students from almost 15 countries in the three cohorts that make up our class of 2023 Practical Nurse program, you can imagine that the Culture and Diversity Days were as colorful as they were fun.

Students, dressed in their native attire, had to make presentations in groups. Then, of course, there was food. Lots of it! The days ended with group photos.

The galleries that follow are made up of photos taken on both Culture and Diversity Days, one for the Weekday and Weekday Evening cohorts, and another for the Weekend cohort. Click on each gallery to view the photos in a lightbox.

Weekday & Evening cohorts students presentations

Foods from Weekday & Evening cohorts

Weekday & Evening cohorts group photos

Weekend cohort students presentations

Foods from Weekend cohort

Weekend cohort group photos